February 2019 – Beyond

Senior Product Manager


Personio is the HR Operating System powering SME businesses in Europe.

August 2017 – January 2019

Product Management Lead

DoubleDot Media

Doubledot Media offers 7 different training and software applications designed to help our customers set up successful retail and marketing websites. Our flagship product is SaleHoo, an online supplier directory.

I guide core product team on product initiatives like OKRs, data driven decision making and process improvements.

My product focus in the organization is on strategic development of adjacent markets by developing new products for related markets.

April 2019 – August 2019

Project Management Lead (Freelance)

Arcanium Collective

I helped to build the Project Management vertical inside of Arcanium – a location independent freelance development agency based out of the US.

February 2018 – July 2018

Director of Product

Self Key & KYC-Chain

I lead the Product team for the SelfKey & KYC-Chain Ecosystem, and work as the Senior Product Manager for KYC-Chain.

KYC-Chain is  a B2B Compliance Platform that drives KYC Processes in Fintechs, Banks and Crypto Exchanges. SelfKey is a blockchain based identity wallet and marketplace which aims to give people control over their own identity.

January 2017 – June 2017

Chief Product Officer

AMZ Tracker Inc.

I built a new 3 person product team for all of AMZ Tracker’s suite of Amazon Seller Software when it was relocated to Shenzhen, China.

AMZ Tracker employs over 25+ people, across 5 continents and has thousands of clients across the world on 6 different software products.

My primary focus when building the product team was communication. – Across our diverse western and Chinese teams, but also between my product managers and our customers.

We were able to collectively stabilize the platform and start re-positioning our software to align with the changing market.

July 2016 – June 2017

Product Manager & Marketing Automation Specialist

Merchant Metrics & AMZ Tracker Inc.

I worked at AMZ Tracker as a Product Manager for Merchant Metrics, the Amazon FBA Financial Dashboard after it was acquired by our parent company.

Merchant Metrics expanded from 2 to 5 employees and grew to hundreds of customers.

I manage the scope and key relationships that make sure we are creating a product that our customers love, value for our company and are positioned to take advantage of opportunities in the market.

(I also design the marketing automation infrastructure that connects our awesome customers to AMZ Tracker’s suite of products)

January 2016 – July 2016

Product Manager & Onboarding Specialist

Amazooka LTD.

I was the key product strategist & product marketer at Amazooka, the All-In-One Amazon Analytics Platform.

Amazooka had 6 employees, across 3 continents and had hundreds of customers on three different software products.

I converted strategy into systems that work. At Amazooka that meant designing the systems that convert leads into customers and keep them on our platform.

(I also designed the onboarding and feedback cycle systems that keep us in touch with our customers and aligned with our market)


Digital Marketing Consultant

Interrobang Marketing & DS Consulting Services

Interrobang Marketing is a Boutique Consulting Firm.

We helped businesses entrepreneurs & small businesses create digital marketing platforms that nurtured prospective customers through the entire sales funnel.



Bachelor of Commerce

St. Mary’s University

Double Major: Finance and Management

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Software Development Skills

Product Management


Product Discovery

Team Leadership

Project Management

Product Marketing



David Hehenberger

Founder / Merchant Metrics Fat Cat Apps

Desirai has consistently shown initiative, drive and creativity when approaching problems. She helped create new processes and scale Merchant Metrics to accommodate the substantially larger and more diverse AMZ Tracker customer base.

Managing Director

Rachel Mazza

Managing Director / SEO Conversion Content and RM Media & Marketing

While I admire and respect her deep commitment to expertise and specialization in product management and team management – I would gladly CREATE a new position simply to hire Desirai on my team.

I can say with confidence that Desirai was the single most versatile, effective and results-driven manager on our team. She created a clear roadmap for our products and integrated her executable plan seamlessly with the marketing, development and executive teams.


Terry Lin

Product Manager /AMZ Tracker &

Even as our resources were spread thin, we were still able to work together and get new features shipped, bugs removed, and quality improvements in the product roadmap. She is reliable, capable, and highly responsive when it comes to team communications, and executes on a very high efficiency when it comes to getting things done.

Tamara Herbst

Owner / R&R Wellness

Through Desirai’s desire to help me and the business succeed and by laying out a feasible plan, my plan of action was clear. Following the business plan, 2 months later my business is where I hoped it would be.